Courtyard 7
No. 7 Qian Gu Lou Yuan Hutong, Nan Luo Gu Xiang
Beijing, 100009, China
+86 1064060777
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Courtyard 7

Quadrangle is an important unit of Beijing’s traditional construction. As a typical quadrangle, Courtyard 7 consists of three rows of courtyards, which occupies an area of 1800 square meters. Restoration plan had the approval of the Beijing Bureau of Cultural Relics. The restoration project took more than three years’ time and lots of energy, human, material and financial resources were put into it. Some traditional technologies were used to restore the courtyard to the historical original condition.

Meanwhile, in order to adapt to the people’s higher request for environment and life quality, Courtyard 7 has made transformation to the system of water, heating and electricity and introduced the overseas advanced technology and equipment. The biggest luminescent spot is that Courtyard 7 utilizes Geothermal heat pump and Solar energy technology to provide 24 hours hot water, heat and air condition.

The strong point of this technology is that it can save energy and protect the environment. This project alone took more than seven months. 43 wells were dug and many difficult problems were solved during the construction. Courtyard 7 is the first courtyard hotel in Beijing to adopt the Geothermal heat pump system, which makes the Chinese and foreign guests appreciate the traditional culture during a comfortable atmosphere. Since Qing dynasty, the history of Courtyard7 has been connected with some influential figures.

In late Qing dynasty, the Empress Dowager Cixi bestowed this courtyard on one of her senior minister, who was of the fourth rank. During the period of the Republic of China, the Huizhou merchant Mr Wu Zhaoxiang, who was on a par with the founder of Wuyutai tea shop Mr Wu Xiqing, bought this courtyard. Later, Wu sold this courtyard to the adjutant-general of the Northeast Army Mr Song Shoushan. The courtyard once became the stronghold for Mr Zhang Zuolin and Mr Zhang Zuoxiang in Beijing. After liberation, a senior Minister of the people’s Republic of China lived here.

On June 28th 2008, after more than three years renovation, the courtyard was open as a hotel.

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