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Badaling Great Wall

The Bādálǐng Section of the Great Wall is situated in the county of Yanqing 70 kilometers north of Beijing. As the epitome of the Great Wall built in the Ming Dynasty, it is one of the best-preserved and most representative sections that still stand today. With Weng Cheng as the central point, the Bādálǐng Great Wall stretches nearly 5000 meters from its highest point at Haohan Po (hero’s slope) to the south to the 12th Battlement Tower to the north.

Over 3700 meters of the wall is open to visitors, of which nearly 2000 meters provide a night view of the Great Wall. Within the perimeters of the scenic area are the Great Wall Museum, the Cinerama/a panoramic-screen cinema and other facilities. Up to now, over 300 heads of state of foreign countries, including Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, Queen Elisabeth II, Japanese Emperor Akihito, Nelson Mandela, and Boris Yeltsin, have visited the Bādálǐng Great Wall.

Badaling Great Wall

The mere mention of its name sends a shudder down the spine of hardcore Wall walkers, but Bādálǐng is the easiest part of the Wall to get to and as such, if you are really pushed for time, this may be your only option. You’ll have to put up with huge crowds of tourists, a lot of souvenir hawkers and a Wall that was completely renovated in the 1980s and so lacks a true sense of historical authenticity. The Bādálǐng Wall is highly photogenic, however, has good tourist facilities (restaurants, disabled access, cable cars etc) and can be visited on a half-day trip from Běijīng. 

It ticks all the iffy Great Wall boxes in one flourish: souvenir stalls, T-shirt flogging hawkers, restaurants, heavily restored brickwork, little authenticity, guardrails and mobs of sightseers. If you’re curious to discover how many people can fit on the wall at any one time, the big holiday periods are a good time to find out. Some guidebooks trumpet that ‘130 million foreign and domestic tourists have visited Bādálǐng’ as if it was a unique selling point. You may even pick up some Cantonese from the sheer number of Guǎngdōng folk storming the ramparts. On the plus side, the scenery is raw and striking and you get to see the Wall snaking off in classic fashion into the hills; but you can get both elsewhere.

Badaling Great Wall Tour Price

70 KMs from Beijing. The earliest to be developed and the most commercial. The most crowded and closest. It takes 3 hours to go there and back (on the way).

Car Rental: Badaling Great Wall                             Price: 750 RMB/car
                       Badaling Great Wall & Ming Tombs              800 RMB/car
Van Rental: Badaling Great Wall (4-7 seats)      Price: 950 RMB/ Van car
                        Badaling Great Wall & Ming Tombs              1050 RMB/ Van car
Van Rental: Badaling Great Wall (6-9 seats)      Price: 1150 RMB/ Van car
                        Badaling Great Wall & Ming Tombs              1200 RMB/ Van car

★ Pay at hotel reception when you check out.
★ Private Tour: departure time up to the guests.
★ Including: car and driver, without entrance ticket.
★ Time: within 8 hours, 100RMB for every extra hour.

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