Courtyard 7 - Beijing, 100009, China

City Tour & Night Show

  • 天安门

City Tour

Line 1: Tiananmen Square + Forbidden City + Summer Palace
Line 2: Lama Temple + Temple of Heaven + Prince Gong’s Mansion
Line 3: Tiananmen Square + Forbidden City + Lama Temple

Car Rental: (4 seats)       Price: 700RMB/car
Van Rental: (4-7 seats)   Price: 850RMB/ Van car
Van Rental: (6-9 seats)   Price: 1000RMB/ Van car

  • beijing-bike-tour-293

Bicycle Tour

Tiananmen Square/Lama temple/Confucius temple/Drum tower/back lake/Beihai Park/Jingshan Park (Included English tour guide and bicycles)

Price: 600RMB (1-4person), 800RMB (5-8person)

  • 杂技


Location: Chaoyang Theatre
Time: 17:15pm - 18:15pm
          19:15pm - 20:30pm
Price: ¥280、380、480、580、680、880 (10% discount)

  • 京剧1

Beijing opera

Location: Liyuan Theatre
Time: 19:30pm - 21:00pm
Price: ¥280、380、480、580 (10% discount)

  • 功夫

Chinese Kungfu

Location: Red Theatre
Time: 19:30pm - 20:40pm
Price: ¥280、380、680(10% discount)

★ Pay at hotel reception when you check out.
★ Private Tour: departure time up to the guests.
★ Including: car and driver, without entrance ticket.
★ Time: within 8 hours, 100RMB for every extra hour.

Courtyard 7
No. 7 Qian Gu Lou Yuan Hutong, Nan Luo Gu Xiang
Beijing, 100009, China
Call: +86 1064060777


Courtyard 7

Quadrangle is an important unit of Beijing’s traditional construction. As a typical quadrangle, Courtyard 7 consists of three rows of courtyards, which occupies an area of 1800 square meters. Restoration plan had the approval of the Beijing Bureau of Cultural Relics. The restoration project took more than three years’ time and lots of energy, human, material and financial resources were put into it. Some traditional technologies were used to restore the courtyard to the historical original condition.