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No. 7 Qian Gu Lou Yuan Hutong, Nan Luo Gu Xiang
Beijing, 100009, China
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City Tour & Night Show

  • 天安门

City Tour

Line 1: Tiananmen Square + Forbidden City + Summer Palace
Line 2: Lama Temple + Temple of Heaven + Prince Gong’s Mansion
Line 3: Tiananmen Square + Forbidden City + Lama Temple

Car Rental: (4 seats)       Price: 700RMB/car
Van Rental: (4-7 seats)   Price: 850RMB/ Van car
Van Rental: (6-9 seats)   Price: 1000RMB/ Van car

  • beijing-bike-tour-293

Bicycle Tour

Tiananmen Square/Lama temple/Confucius temple/Drum tower/back lake/Beihai Park/Jingshan Park (Included English tour guide and bicycles)

Price: 600RMB (1-4person), 800RMB (5-8person)

  • 杂技


Location: Chaoyang Theatre
Time: 17:15pm - 18:15pm
          19:15pm - 20:30pm
Price: ¥280、380、480、580、680、880 (10% discount)

  • 京剧1

Beijing opera

Location: Liyuan Theatre
Time: 19:30pm - 21:00pm
Price: ¥280、380、480、580 (10% discount)

  • 功夫

Chinese Kungfu

Location: Red Theatre
Time: 19:30pm - 20:40pm
Price: ¥280、380、680(10% discount)

★ Pay at hotel reception when you check out.
★ Private Tour: departure time up to the guests.
★ Including: car and driver, without entrance ticket.
★ Time: within 8 hours, 100RMB for every extra hour.